About Fine Dining at
“Nicht Fisch Nicht Fleisch”

We like meat. But we don’t need it to give you an exceptional dining experience. We like vegetarians. But you don’t have to be to miss absolutely nothing in our menu.


Our team around chef de cuisine Robert Vetterlein brings vegetarian fine dining to Dresden with a lot of passion for the diverse products that each of our seasons has to offer. We want to show that vegetarian food is not about doing without, but that a leek can also be a superstar.

Perfectly combined herbs and spices play a central role in each of our dishes. The variety of flavors that can be created with a single product is impressive every time. This fascination, the amazement at unexpectedly perfect things
We want to bring flavor combinations to your plate with our dishes.

Two seasons

Our charming vaulted restaurant is cozy but not plush. Chic but not stiff. Funky, but not aloof. Here we serve you a vegetarian tasting menu with 4, 5 or 6 courses from October to April.

In the warm months, our garden becomes a place of longing for balmy summer evenings.

From May to September we serve a casual sharing menu that is just as perfect for a carefree evening as a cool bottle of white wine or a freshly tapped beer.


Casual fine dining, the way we live it. Having a good time with good food. Switch off from everyday life and embark on an enjoyable journey through local worlds of taste.

A service that is casual but not careless. Uncomplicated and professional. A menu that focuses on seasonal products and impresses with taste and craftsmanship. A selection of wines that gives classics their well-deserved space. And has surprising new things in store from the pioneers of a new generation of winegrowers. A self-made non-alcoholic drink accompaniment that is in no way inferior to its counterpart containing alcohol.